USA; A country that should recognise Turkish tourism more

Turkish tourism has visitors from various countries. Western countries are the most wanted tourists due to their economical power.

USA is one of the countries that have economical power. On the other hand, tourism is working different for USA. Turkey is the star of world tourism but it is known that Turkey isn’t a well known country in USA. American citizens prefer to travel closer destinations or exotic places. Cruise ship travelling is one of the preffered travelling modes in the country. The visitors may visit different harbours and they get pleasure during the journey.

Turkish harbours are some of well known destinations of Mediterranean cruising such as Kuşadası and Istanbul. Most of USA tourists visit Turkey by this travelling mode.

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Heracles was in Patara;

As it was declared in the beginning of 2020, Patara was the homeland of 2020. The excavation is going on Patara ancient site. An interesting discovery was made in Patara.

A ring that Heracles figure is on was unearthed. Heracles was an important figure in Greek mythology. Finding a ring that Heracles was on is a great discovery. Those antique items show us how the life style and accessories were.

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UK is one of the major countries for Turkish tourism.


United Kingdomis one of the important countries for Turkish tourism. Since Great Britain is a member of G-20 countries, the country has a big share in world tourism.

Turkey is one of the tourism stars in the world. So British society and economy interest in Turkey’s tourism potential. Especially the Aegean coasts are the destinations which British visitors and tourism agencies interest in. Great Britain is one of the European countries that have a big share among the international tourists in Turkey. It is reported that some British citizens have preporties in Turkey. It is absolute that tourism is an important branch of global economy. It creates currency income and flow for states and individuals.

Whoever you are, welcome to Turkey….. Turkey gives you a warming hug to everyone…

Turkish Miracle; Yoghurt

Turkish cuisine has a miracle good that has specific features. Its name is Yoghurt. All of us eat this good with appetite. Also it is a very useful good for health. It is made of milk and yoghurt yeast. It is proved that it is a necessary good for healthy aging. Due to its contents, it keeps human being very healthy till the very old ages. Today we have many sort of yoghurts such as yoghurt with vegetables and probiotic yoghurts. Basically they are all the same.

Yoghurt’s history is dated back to Turk’s history. Milk was the major product of Turkish tributes and Anatolian farmers. So they used milk in every possible good. Yoghurt was exported to Europe after Vienna campaign of Ottoman Empire. During long siege period, Turkish army fed with yoghurt and produced a drink named Ayran.

Some historians stated that Europeans wondered of the good of Turkish army. So they tested the yoghurt. It is the sample of cultural affection.

It is very helpful for the digestive system and immunity. Also it is stated that it is very useful for sleeping problems. In addition to milk elements, yeast contains some useful bacterias for the body.

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Japan- Turkey; Two countries that have deep roots in history

Japanese Garden in Istanbul

Japan is one of the friend countries of Turkey. Also we know that two countries have deep roots in history. Turkey and Japan have deep relationship in the world.

Cultural cooperation is so deep that it has been lasting for centuries. We are building Japanese gardens in Turkey. Also Ertuğrul ship of Turkish Navy incident ties up each other.

Turkish Navy Ship Ertuğrul had a visit to Japan by the order of Ottoman Sultan in 19th century. Ertuğrul vessel of Turkish Navy had a big relevance in every port she visited. When she arrived Japan, Turkish ship was at the service of Turkish-Japan friendship. While she was returning back to Istanbul, A hurricane warning had been made. Despite of this warning, Turkish captain wanted to leave the port on time. It was a wrong decision. She couldn’t handle this strong hurricane. She had sunk in the ocean. Thanks to Japanese nation, A campaign was held and the bodies of Turkish mariners were sent to Istanbul.

This incident made the cultural and social ties stronger. Still Turkey and Japan commemorate this incident at present.

Thank you Japan….. with our deepest respect.

Ertuğrul ship of Turkish Navy

Casemate system; Hacılar ancient site

Casemate system is one of the defence systems that were used in ancient sites. The structure of casemate system was the wall that was built as saw tooth.

This type of this defence system was used in an ancient site which was unearthed in Hacilar district of Burdur province.

The ecavations are going on so we have a lot to unearth.

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Luwians; The mysterious sea occupants Part II

Some mysterious occupants were recorded in ancient Egyptian history. Those occupants damaged Egypt and Mediterranean coasts. It was a mystery till the tablet (above) was unearthed. Unfortunately it was used for a construction in a village despite the request of an archeologist in the second half of 20th century.

A carving was unearthed in a village of Afyon province in Turkey. According to the research, the tablet is around 3200 years old. When it was translated to modern language, it was stated that the mysterious sea occupants were Luwians. As they were developed in art and engineering, it was possible to build a navy and arrange a navy campaign. They sailed through Egypt Empire.

This campaign was a mystery for history. Who were those occupants? Even Egyptians were recorded them. They were Luwians and they were from Small Asia (Anatolia).

To be continued…

Luwians(People of light); The mysterious Small Asia society Part I

Luwian map

Luwians are one of the mysterious publics of the history. The reasons of that are to have a few documents and some ideological issues (especially on Greek civizilation). According to recent findings, Luwians have more importance than it is guessed.

Firstly, the evidences show us that they had a developed culture. The key tool of a developed culture is language. They even had an alphabet. Having a language means to be developed in culture.

Language stone of Luwians

So Luwians had a high quality life standards. They were wealthy due to the trade. They can also be considered as the public which enchanced the history. Luwians were informed people but they were elite people. So their knowledge and life style were shared by a little number of people. They practiced this action in order to protect their perfection. That’s why they are known as people of light. It is proved that Luwians affected ancient Greek civilization. Greek civilization wasn’t as developed as Luwians in ancient era so Greeks got assistance to develop a social system from Luwians.

Luwian symbol table

Ancient Greek is considered as the basis of Western culture. So the ancient Greek may lose their throne if the importance of Luwians is emphasized. That can be the ideological reason in order to undermine Luwians.

To be continued……..

Legends of Underground cities

Underground city of Central Anatolia

Central Anatolia is famous for underground cities because it is known that this region was the home of early Christians. Roman Empire was so cruel that a Christian could be killed by torture and pains (Before Christianity was declared as the state’s official religion).

On the other hand, those undergrounds have some myths and legends. For example, they are so complex that it isn’t even easy to build them today. They are so deep that some layers of those underground cities haven’t been unearthed yet. Those underground cities’ purposes were declared as the home of Christians but it is certain that they continue to shock us.

The structure of those ancient sites are very impressive. The public who built them decorated those underground cities with some infrastructure systems. It is told that those ancient sites have more importance than we guess. They are on the top of the engineering and construction. The most interesting feature of them is their long-life duration. We shall find out more on those ancient sites in future.

Commagene Kingdom (163 BC- 72 AD);The kingdom of eternity

Commagene Kingdom

This is one of the ancient kingdoms that left undeleted traces in history. This kingdom got its liberty after a hard fight from Assyrians. Also it dominated on a very cricital territory for the trade courses. Commagene Kingdom was established in the middle of Small Asia (almost). This location gained a big advantage in order to make trade income. As the kingdom had peace treatments with the other kingdoms, it could be considered as a safe place.

We can list some kings of Commagene Kingdom for the deep impact to the history. Mithradates I was one of the most well known kings of the kingdom. His goal was to unite Greek and Persian religions so he would create a magnificent synthesis. Also he planned to build Mt.Nemrut as a center of this synthesis religion.

Antiochos I, his son, had almost reached this goal. He was a king who knew the east and west cultures very well. Also he had a deep astrology and science knowledge. His reign was a golden era for Commagene Kingdom. He had a big tomb built for himself and his mother. It was on the skirt of Mt. Nemrut. He desired to reach eternity after death. This temple was so glorious that he had furnished the mountain with giant sculptures of Gods and the royal family. Even today a little part of this temple complex was unearthed. According to some myths, it can be a gate of interdimensional passages.

After the Roman Empire raised, they had defended themselves so strong that Roman Empire could acquire Commagene Kingdom in the reign of ,Antiochos I’s son, Mithradates II.

Eternity and Astrology were two passions for this kingdom. Horoscope on lion body is the evidence of this statement.

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