Priapos ancient site; A site where Persians were beaten by Alexander the Great

Priapos ancient city

Indeed Priapos ancient site isn’t a well known ancient site. It was a small site that was member of Attic- Delos Marine Unity. It is thought that it had the name of Priapos who was the son of Dionysos and Aphrodite. It is the fact that a historical war existed in that region. This is the story;

We are going back to 334 BC. Macedonia King Alexander the Great was approaching the city. Priapos surrendered because they didn’t have any power to resist. Alexander the Great continued his campaign and he faced Persian army. Two big armies made a war named Granicos battle.Alexander the Great won the battle and Persian domination was broken in the region. This was the historical struggle between Macedonia Kingdom and Persian Empire.

Priapos ancient site is located in Biga district of Çanakkale.As archeological excavations aren’t done in the region, we don’t have so much physical proof about its history.

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