A dungeon of Roman

As we have stated that Turkish landscape is a treasure for archeaology. Illegal excavations are even able to unearth archeaological objects. Those objects can be so valuable that it isn’t possible to ignore them. One of them was unearthed in Şanlıurfa province of Turkey (the southeastern region of Turkey).

A Roman dungeon was unearthed during an illegal excavation. It is around 400 metersquare. Also some archeaological items were found in it. Official archeaological excavations are going to start soon.

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Why is Turkey in the red list?

The world is changing everyday. We are facing every sort of political and social events everyday. Even we have faced Gulf War crisis and SARS epidemic in far east.But we haven’t faced more serious crisis than today. None of the countries placed Turkish Republic in red list.

What is going on? As we all can see that it is a health issue. It makes sense but when Russia makes projects with Egypt, we have to think very carefully. Tourism is a vital economical sector. Turkish Republic has a special place in tourism world. So it isn’t possible to ignore Turkey. Health procedures are important but the prestige of a country is everything. Everything depends on the management of tourism. If the procedures run correctly, it isn’t possible to face a crisis.

Is Turkey succesful on running the procedures? Yes /No

Zela Ancient site

Zile Bell Tower

Zela ancient site had an important place in ancient times. Zela was considered as a religious center more than a site. Because this site was famous for the temples. A priest and his society were living there. Especially Persians and Armenians respected this area.

In a time period, this site was divided into three regions. Two parts were shared between two priests and a region was under the reign of Roman Empire. After a priest passed away, a war began for this territory. Pontic Greek State wanted to capture the region. But Roman Empire didn’t want to let it happen. So two armies confronted nearby Zela site. Roman Empiror Caesar won the battle.

Unfortunately we don’t have too much archeaological objects from the area. But we know that Emperor Caesar sent a letter to Roman Parliament to declare his victory; Veni,Vici,Vidi….

Today’s Zile county was established on the ancient site Zela..

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Veni,Vidi,Vici; Czear was in Small Asia…

We all know the famous words of Roman Emperof Caesar; Veni,vidi,vici. Also we know the meanings of those statements; I came,I saw and I won. But do you know where those statements were told? Briefly the history of those statement is below;

In small Asia, there used to be a Pontic Greek State in ancient time. This state had a wide domination area. Meanwhile Roman Empire was getting wider and following the rival states in Small Asia. Pontic Greek State was one of those rival states. After following Pontic Greek State for a long time, Emperor Caesar decided to arrange a military campaign to Pontic Greek state due to their aggresive mode. Two armies confronted in a field which was very close to ancient site Zela(Today’s Zile county of Tokat province) in 47 AD. Roman Emperor Caesar won the battle (Battle of Zela). He declared his victory to Roman Parliament in three words; Veni,Vidi,Vici.

Everybody knows that those statements belong to famous Roman emperor Caesar but a few people know that they were told in Anatolian peninsula.

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Reputation of Turkey

Turkish Republic has a special place in tourism world. Not only the international area and also the public of the world has a special reputation about Turkey. The political and social events may change this trend in periods. Tourism develops up to the developments in the world and inland.

Last 2 years were tougher than everything in the world. Due to the COVID outbreak, the human being life circle had been shocked and redesigned. We are still accustoming to new normal procedures. As tourism can’t be considered as a seperate branch, it is changing.

The most important thing is to protect the reputation if you have a good one. The conditions and events always change and tourism is a dynamic sector. Reputation is everything for tourism.

I have an absolute question; is there any change on reputation of Turkish tourism sector?

Accommodation types in Turkey

Turkish Republic is a tourism country and it requires to be ready to host the tourist. Not only the culture and also accommodation is the another branch of tourism. Accomodation needs quality in order to attract a tourist to a country. Also it should be fitted to every budget. There are some general rules or procedures to meet the demand of international and domestic tourism. Turkish Republic is one of the luckiest countries that have enough capacity to host tourists.


Pension is one of the cheapest mode of accommodation. It is a sort of hotel that has no luxury but provides a clean holiday. Its fare is very low. It fits on young and middle-class groups. Not only international tourists and also ones who look for economical holiday use this type of this accommodation.

Boutique hotel

Boutique hotel is an accommodation type that is one of the common hotels in Turkey. It is easy to find in downtowns of the cities and holiday resorts. They seem more luxurious than pensions. Also the service is more developed at this hotel. For example, a good breakfast menu can be served at the hotel. Mostly they are more attractive than a pension.

Hotels with stars

Hotels of star class are more common hotels. The class starts with one star hotel to five star hotel. All classifications depend on the services of the facility. Ministry of tourism and culture give points to every facility up to the services and sections. So the star class of the hotel is provided.

Always remember that there are every type of accommodation in Turkey. It is possible to have a great holiday with every budget in Turkey.

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Immortal Olive tree

We have mentioned that olive tree is an important inhabitant of Aegean and Mediterranean region. You can come across this tree everywhere around Mediterranean and Aegean region. Including Turkey and Greece, olive has a wide geography.

Also olive tree is known as immortal tree. Even tough it is 2000 years old, it gives us olive. It is a holy tree in the same time. Aegean region of Turkey is one of the fruitful areas for olive tree.

Since the ancient civilizations, olive and olive oil have been in our cuisine and our life. We can still come across the ancient shops of olive oil in ancient site ruins.

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The new Equinox century

Mayans were one of the ancient communities that were famous for their astronomy knowledge. They still have deep impact in today’s world. Their predictions are still our agendas and their astronomy knowledge was so magnificent that the stars and space were like their home. Their information on astronomy that they had 5000 years ago is being discovered recently. More are waiting for their turn to be discovered.

Equinox century is one of their predicitions. It started in 21st of March. According to Equinox century, dark days will finish so good and hopeful century will initiate. The symbol of this century is the snake with feather. It was the head god of Mayans.

According to the astronomists, there are several places where this equinox century on earth. Anatolia is one of the places on the earth.

I hope that this good event affects all world in a good way and the human being has a bright future.

A new regulation for hotels

As we know, COVID outbreak had changed all of our life style. Also the tourism had changed,too. According to health regulations, travel and accommodation changed. The directories have been shaped according to COVID.

Up to the latest development, isolation became key point for the health. So the directories and regulations are being redesigned for this principle. Ministry of tourism and culture declared that accommodation facilities should have safety tourism certificate in order to operate the facility. The conditions are changing up to the hotel classes.

The new regulations are on the way. We are waiting….

Orthosia ancient site

As we know that, there are many ancient sites that are ignored but very valuable according to the historical records. Due to the records, it was one of the important ancient sites of an era. According to the archeaological excavations , the archeaologists unearthed coins and mosaics.

We can see traces of various periods such as Mecadonian empire, Persians and Romans. Unfortunately the illegal treasure hunters are ruining the site. This site should be excavated by the archeaologists carefully. It is obvious that it has many things to tell us.

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