A natural settlement area;Hasuni ancient site

We are in southern eastern Anatolia. An ancient site which is located in Diyarbakır province at present attracts the local visitors right now but it is so valuable that this site can be famous worldwide. An ancient site which was carved in solid rock (Hasuni valley) has an archeaological importance. This site can be considered as a hidden site. The […]

A medical center in Anatolia; Acharaka ancient site

Western Anatolian region of Turkey hides many ancient sites. Since the history has been recorded, many ancient sites have been recorded. Some of them were unearthed and some of them are still under the ground. Some of them were discovered by chance. The natural landscape of the region may hide the ruins. Acharaka ancient site was one of the luckiest […]

Sephardic Jewish Community of Anatolia

We have mentioned on multi-cultural structure of Anatolia several times. Various communities contributed Anatolian culture in many ways. Sephardic communities contributed the economy of Anatolia after their arrival to Anatolia. They became one of the valuable societies here. They have been serving Anatolia for centuries. We can see many valuable members of Sephardic Jewish community in the history including the […]

Marine Trade Routes of Ancient period

As we all know that Anatolian peninsula is covered by three seas (Aegean, Black Sea and Mediterranean). So marine trade routes have great importance as others as, such as Silk Road. Some civilizations developed their trade fleet and dominated coasts of Anatolia. Some places were bases of navies. We can find out that there was a trade chain starting from […]

Era of Assyrian Trade Colonies

This is the period that had lasted in 2nd century BC in Small Asia. Assyrian traders established sites that were based on trade of local underground wealthies and economical activities. We can list the valuable metals such as copper for this trade chain. Generally the trade sites were built in Southeastern region (nearby Mesopotamia) and Central region. The (central) region […]

St.Paul – firstly he was a Jewish but he became an apostle- his trip in Anatolia

St.Paul is known as one of the best known apostles of Christianity but he was a Jewish originally. He was born in Tarsus.His original name was Saul of Tarsus. He was the enemy of Christians at the beginning but he accepted Christianity in Syria. He spent his life to promulgate Christianity. His most important destination was Small Asia. He had […]

Menora and Constantinople

Menora is one of the sacred symbols of Jewish religion. It has been searched for centuries( even at present). It is guessed that menora was brought to Constantinople or it came here in anyway. Jerusalem was the homeland of menora but it got lost in some periods. According to a theory, menora had been in Constantinople for centuries. After the […]

Jewish Community and Anatolia

Every religion has a different place in the history of Anatolia. Anatolia is known as a geography where various religious systems live together. That’s why Jewish community has an important effect on multi cultural sysytem of this geography. We can come across earlier Jewish communities in ancient sites of Anatolia such as Sardes. As we know that there was a […]

The secret naval base of Ottoman; Antalya

The Mediterranean and Aegean coasts are always very important for the states and empires in the history ( in the past and present). Also they are very suitable in order to establish naval bases. Unfortunately the naval bases of the past were vanished and we had their names in historical records. As a result of underwater archeaological works in Antalya, […]

A new Roman site was unearthed in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is famous for fairy chimneys and underground cities but new discoveries prove us that Cappadocia is more than them. There was an ancient site in historical records and it was named as Swa or Sobesos. Its location was unkown but it was unearthed in a close past. Actually it had just discovered and we need time to find out […]