Mustafa Kemal Atatürk; Leader of modern Turkish Republic


Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was born in Selanika (It was the Ottoman city when he was born) of Greece in 1881. He joined the military school and he became one of the officers of Ottoman Army. Not only in army branches, and also he improved himself in every scientific brances such as mathematics and history. He fought for the freedom of Turks and desired to see Turkish Republic as a civilized country in the world. That’s why he left a guide to us in order to follow for thie goal. His main source is the science. He is a great mathematician and scientist. He had read a lot of books in his life. He had never stopped reading books even in tough days of independence war. He prepared a geometry book.

After the military triumph, he knew that he had to transform the Turkish public into a civilized society. So he prepared Turkish revolution for this goal. He made Turkish public orient the western society. He achieved his goal and Turkish Republic became a civilized country. Alphabet, clothing and culture have changed up to the Western culture but he never forgot our ancestors. His purpose is to build a common Turkish culture by mixing modern and national culture. He had special projects in order to improve Turkish language and history. He established foundations and schools to educate the indıviduals to reach this goal. His principles and works carried the level of the society to a higher level. He encouraged to build national industrial movement and independence in every sector. His vision is independent powerful Turkish Republic.

Although he is a a soldier, he believed that a war that isn’t aimed self defense is a murder. Even his enemies in our independence war became our friends after the republic declaration. The relationship between Turkey and Western world became friendly and respectful.

He thought all human being existence as one body.

He is the leader of Turkish independence war and Turkish Republic (forever).

The tomb of Ataturk in Ankara

“Peace in the country, peace in the world”

“If the war isn’t aimed to defend the homeland, it is a murder.”

“The most significant guide is science.”

” Freedom or death”