The light house of Patara is being re-erected …

Patara ancient site is one of the important archeological treasures of Turkey. There used to be a great light house that was being constructed by the emperor Neron. The archeaologists are trying to reconstruct the light house. By the assistance of stone recovery workshop, the light house will be re-erected. The purpose is to make this light house active again.

It was the prestige of emperor Neron. This project will raise up the value of Patara.

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Cappadocia is dying….

It has been mentioned several times that tourism is a vital industry for Turkey. Turkish Republic as a whole country is a tourism country. Our values and reputation are our the most important things for us. None of us have right to sabotage Turkish tourism.

According to the latest news, hot air baloon tours were banned by the governorship of Nevşehir. It is the biggest sabotage that can be done to Turkish tourism. Despite all warnings, governorship of Nevşehir province rejected to remove a ban on hot air baloon tours. All region’s income depends on hot air baloon tourism. Especially international tourists, tourists visit Cappadocia for hot air baloon tours. The most interesting event is that hot air baloon tours were banned in Denizli province but it was unbanned later by the governorship of Denizli. It seems that there was a conversation between two governorships then hot air baloon tours were rebanned.

I wish that it hadn’t been happened. It is a sabotage for Turkish tourism. Our international reputation is going down. After providing healthy conditions, we can provide a great service for our guests. I hope that the authorities fix this situation and our loss got less.

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A rock with chain; the most beautiful monument of Kemaliye

Kemaliye (Eğin) was one of the most beautiful resorts of Eastern Anatolia. As it is located in a valley, it has a unique beauty. It resembles a wild animal that is chained.

A rock which was over the historical town of Eğin created a danger for the residental area. If it had fallen, it would have caused a big damage in the town. So the authorities decided to chain the rock. Its location is on unbelievable slope. So it had a danger potential. It was chained by the authorities of the town.

It is absolute that it is one of the worth visiting places of Kemaliye….

Eastern Anatolia is as great as the western region of the country.

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Spartacus; the rebellious soldier and revolutionary leaders of slaves

Spartacus statue

Spartacus is one of the impressive characters of the history. He was one of the some revolutionary leaders of ancient times. He had a great place in Greek and Roman history. It is known that he was a soldier at the beginning but due to the insubordination, he became a slave. He was forced to fight for his life. He achieved to survive and to be the leader of gladiators.

It is guessed that he was in Thracian region. He joined the Roman army as cavalry. He disobeyed an order so he was punished by selling him as a slave to a gladiator union. He succeded to be alive and he was admired by a huge community. He was one of the leaders during the war between the army and slaves.

He left a deep trace by his courage and power to the history. He was from Thracian land of Anatolia.

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Turkey & Greece; two tourism countries

Tourism is a sector which combines cultures and people. Sometimes the origin doesn’t matter. It is the absolute definition of tourism.

There are some countries that are touristic in the world such as Turkey and Greece. They are rivals in tourism for normal conditions. They compete each other to attract international tourists. By using the national and international features, we can be considered as rival. Turkey and Greece are the countries where the history flow. Their backgrounds are so deep that they are dated back to ancient times and they are linked in history.

Some features of two countries are alike and they have a common historical background. For example, historical leaders such as Alexander the Great had passed on both countries and they left priceless legacy on those countries. Also they are very similiar up to the cultural basis.

Greek tourism is based on the islands mostly. They have a fantastic beauty, I have to confess this. They are special sites. Volcanos have shaped this region hundred centuries ago. They are still active. It is a active earthquake area. As you see above, blue and white are the characteristic colours of the traditional architecture.

This is the fact that we aren’t in a normal period. Due to COVID outbreak, tourism sector is going down.

Don’t you think that Turkey and Greece can establish a tourism friendship? Also it will feed the peace in the region.

An Anatolian tradition; Safranbolu

When we check the UNESCO list, we can come across some towns that are famous for architecture. Safranbolu is one of the Anatolian towns that are known very well. This town is located in northern region of Turkey. Safranbolu’s background is dated back to Turkish tribes.

Regional architecture is very important for culture. Because architecture is a very important component of culture. We know that this town is a good sample how a town can be special.

Also a visit to Safranbolu is going to be a travel in time…

Historical Kemaliye town and Midyat historical sight seeing places; The new historical treasures in UNESCO list

Historical Kemaliye town (above) which is located in Southern region of Turkey is one of the historical treasures of Turkey. Historical town has many unique facts such as traditional architecture and famous stone way. Since the centuries, Kemaliye had been a cultural center and also it was one of the places which provided meat for Ottoman palace. In addition to historical value, the natural beauties are amazing. It is located nearby the Euphrates river.Dark Canyon is one of the deepest canyons of the world. This historical town is stuck in a valley but its beauty is worthseeing. The population of the town got less because of immigrations to big cities. It is obvious that it is one of the authentic places of Turkey. The people of Kemaliye have been patriots and smart people in centuries.Even though there was a jail in the town, it was empty because nobody did anything illegal.Original name of the town was Eğin. The originality of Eğin has some sources. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk admired the cultural level of the town and the beauty of the nature. After the republic had been declared, Atatürk changed the name of town “Kemaliye” in order to point the maturity of the people. The original name has never been forgotten. It is alive.

The region of Tur Abdin (above) which is located in Midyat county of Mardin (south eastern region) is famous for ancient settlement and historical religious buildings. The ancient churches and monasteries are important archeological treasures of the region. Due to the location of the region, it was on the Silk road and it was an important stop for a traveler. And also it was an religious center. Visiting here is like traveling in time.

Whenever you find an opportunity, I recommend a traveler to visit Turkey.

Spirit of Turkey

Despite the lack of tourism management in Turkey, there is something special for Turkey. Turkey’s multi-cultural character is one of the unique characters of the world. Thanks to the historical background, Turkish spirit was shaped in an unique way.

One of the characteristic features is hospitality. Turkish hospitality is worldwide famous. For example, Anatolian people are so warm that they can offer you a glass of tea. Our society is eligible for tourism reality.

Spirit of Turkish people is unique in the world. A visitor can come across everything that a tourist wants to have for a vacation. Holiday resorts, natural beauties, ancient sites, beaches and religious treasures are the ones that give the joy of a great vacation.

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International Solidarity for tourism after COVID outbreak

COVID outbreak is affecting all economical activities deeply, that’s why the authorities are still looking for recovery packages. Tourism is one of the most affected sectors of this outbreak.

It is obvious that it isn’t the problem of one country or a continent. It is a global issue that has many things to discuss. The only way for recovery is the international solidarity. All of the states have to put the necessary regulations into action urgently. Including the health of tourism staff, there are many issues to solve. Travel should be secured by the necessary regulations.

International solidarity manages to solve all problems towards COVID outbreak.

International cooperation is the only way for the recovery.

Why is the publicity important for tourism?

Publicity is one of the most necessary tools of tourism. A country can have a great potential for tourism but lack of publicity will not let the potential grow.

A tourist arranges his/her holiday up to the recommendation and knowledge. Publicity is the tool that tourism uses for this purpose.

Publicity also increases the number of the tourists and income. When the potential grows, more income is the award.

Publicity is one of the necessary skills that a tourism staff should know as they are part of tourism publicity.

Thanks to publicity, countries like Turkey are capable of developing tourism potential.