Colossae; A junction between Phrygia and Caria

Colossae ancient site

Colossae ancient site is located in Western Anatolia( Denizli province). It had a strategical and religious value in this landscape. An ancient site that was located at strategical point like Colossae had been recorded several times. This is Colossae;

Colossae was constructed nearby the border region between Phrygia and Caria. Christianity apostles visited here and 7 holy churches were built nearby Colossae. But Hierapolis and Laodecia sites made its importance lose in this period. Earthquakes were the disasters that had destroyed the city several times. We could see St.Michael church in the city, also acropolis was a great building of the city. Last earthquake in 700 AD caused the city abandoned.

Waterfall of Colossae ancient site

Colossae ancient site is one of the worth visiting sites of Turkey. But this site needs to be protected well.

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