Turkish Cuisine; A world wide treasure

Turkish cuisine is one of the well known cuisines of the world. Due to the delicious meals, Turkish cuisine has a lot of fans in the world.

For example, every guest wants to taste Turkish Kebap and Turkish sweets seduce the guests. When they leave Turkey, they need a good diet to lose weight. But the taste has never gone…..

Have a nice holiday…

Russia; Visitors of Mediterranean coasts

Russian tourists are familiar visitors of Antalya and Mediterranean coasts. Hotels are waiting for Russian tourist groups every year. Demand of Russia is increasing every year. Due to the warm climate of Antalya, Russian prefer southern Turkey.

Quality of Antalya is the fact that attracts Russians here. They are all warm blooded guests of Antalya.

A weird decision: Cappadocia isn’t a touristic site anymore.

Cappadocia is a historical site that is on the list of UNESCO. It was declared as a historical site in Turkey. But According to presidency of Turkey, it is out of historical site list anymore. A council will rule the region.

The reason of this decision is the mess of authority. A council will have the authority for the region. It is an important declaration for tourism lovers and citizens.

Ground Mosaic; Last great discovery

As we mentioned before, history lives here. We can present you a ground mosaic for this statement. Indeed it was discovered by chance but it doesn’t make it unnecessary. Mosaics of Romans and Byzantines were the way of portrating a mythological story or a triumph. That’s why they have a different place during the excavations.

This mosaic was unearthed in Çanakkale province of Turkey.

Assyrian Castle; The symbol of Assyrian domination

Assyrian Empire was one of the empires that had remark in history. The most outstanding feature of Assyrians was their military power. We can come across proofs of this feature.

The castle of Assyrian in Diyarbakır is the proof of this. It is thought that it was used as headquarter in the region. Especially some objects pay attention.

A stamp of Assyrian was discovered and it is guessed that it is around 3000 years old. Also the king tombs were built nearby this castle.

Kaş Flying Fish Diving Point

Antalya is named as Turkish Riviera because of its fame in international tourism sector. Also diving sector has an potential for Turkish toursm in Antalya.

Kaş district of Antalya province has a special diving region named Flying Fish diving region. This region is one of the deepest diving regions around 30 meters. A plane wreck that was from WW2 is an interesting destination for divers.

Divers are special people because they have a great knowledge on the underwater world which is known of less.

Turkish tiles; Product of Turkish handycraft

Turkish tile handycraft is one of the well known handycrafts of the world. Tiles were used in various buildings such as mosques and Turkish Baths. For example, Sultanahmet Mosque is known as Blue mosque due to the blue tiles of interior decoration.

İznik is known as the center of this handycraft. Also Kütahya is one of the tile centers of Turkey. All colours and figures have different meanings