Ottoman Graveyards

Human life has many stages and they are being stated in various ways. Death is one of the most important stage of the human life (even for a living organism). Turkish Ottoman culture was also pointed death with the Turkish -Islam perspective. The graveyards of Ottomans were like historical records. It is easy to understand the graves’ owners by the head of the tombstones. They used some symbols for the statues or the gender of the people. For example if a stateman passed away, a quilted turban (kavuk) was the head of the tombstone. If a woman passed away, you could see a turban on a tombstone. We can give you more samples for this title. Also we can see the writings in Ottoman language on the tombstones. Otttoman language was the mixture of Turkish-Arabic- Persian language. Actually this language belonged to high level Ottoman public, the society was speaking Turkic language.

The graveyards of Ottoman culture are like a gallery of tombstones. We can get many details on the lives of those people.

It is a kind touch to the past. Thanks to the level of art handycraft, there are many beautiful pieces. Unfortunately due to the lack of respect to culture, most of them were vanished.

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