Ancient Hittite site; Uşaklı Ancient site

Hittite civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the history. According to the historical records, it is the oldest one in Small Asia. It was so developed that it was further than their era. They had an alphabet and a recording system.Hittite authorities were very careful about forming archives on government works and ordinary life. That’s why we have a detailed information on ancient Hittite civilization.

Also we know that they had developed construction techniques. One of the hints on this subject was unearthed in Uşaklı ancient site ( it is thought that it is lost Zippalanda city). A floor mosaic was unearthed. It is thought that it is around 3500 years old. It is older than the Mediterranean mosaics. It is thought that it is one of the oldest works on mosaics.

Hittites left us valuable heritage in order to understand modern world.

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