Antalya; A paradise for football clubs

Antalya has many advantages for tourism sector. It isn’t only about accommodation or sea and also it is about sport clubs.

Tourism isn’t connected to foreign visitors for beaches and culture only. There are alternative modes for tourism sector. For example to host the football clubs in Antalya for winter and summer. It creates an important tourism income for the region. That’s why the hotels of Antalya invested on sport fields. Including three giant teams of Turkey (Beşiktaş JK, Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe), teams of Turkish leagues prefer Antalya for pre-season and mid-season camps.

In addition to Turkish leagues teams, International football clubs also prefer Antalya region for seasonal camps. Also international tournaments are held at hotel soccer fields. The teams can have friendly matches at those facilities. Turkish Football Federation also organizes some leagues here such as Turkish women football league at recent time.

Climate is the most important key for this alternative branch. Also the natural beauties of Antalya are for international visitors.

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