Pteria: A ruined site by Persians

Kerkenez ruins (Pteria ancient site)

An ancient site that is nearby Mt. Kerkenez in Yozgat province has a great historical feature. It is thought that it is lost city Pteria. This ancient site had deep impacts on historical age of Small Asia.

It is thought that it was built by Phrygians due to the inscriptions we found. But as other theory, it was built in 600 BC by Meds. It is a site that had 7 km. long walls. It was ruined by Persians in 547 BC. So we couldn’t come across much items in the site. According to some items, it is thought that it was Pteria ancient site. Also very interesting historical events became true in that site; One of them was ” the battle of sun eclipse”. Meds and Lydians had been making war for six years. Eclipse of Sun became true in that day and Thales had an oracle in that way. The day became night. Meds and Lydians thought that Gods got angry with their war. So they decided to sign a treaty. It was on 28th of May 585 BC.

Pteria ancient site

Lydian King Creuz decided to make a military campaign to the other side of Red River (Persians were on the other side). But he wanted to know the results of his campaign so he went to the Oracle center. The fortune tellers told him that a strong empire would go down. So he made his campaign to Pteria. He also invaded Pteria. Lydian King faced Persians there but none of both side won the battle. Lydian King was going back to capital Sartes but he didn’t know that Persians were following them. Persians attacked Lydians nearby Sartes and Lydian empire went down. So oracle became true.

Pteria ancient site

It is located in Yozgat province of Turkey. Some pieces of Pteria are exhibited in Anatolia Civilization Museum of Ankara.

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