Religion of Antinous: A religion that was born from a gay love

Hadrian and Antinous

We have a different title here. I will give brief information on a religion that was born from a gay love: Religion of Antinous. This is the story;

We are going back to 123 AD and we are in Claudiopolis (today’s Bolu county of Turkey). Roman Emperor Hadrian was in campaign to supervise the military bases in Roman Empire. Emperor saw a soldier and he fell in love with him. That is Antinous. Antinous was the young soldier and he accompanied the Emperor in his campaigns. But this love story didn’t end happy. Antinous was drown in a river and he died. According to conspiracy theories, he committed suicide in order to give his life to old Emperor or he was murdered. After that event, Emperor got so upset that he organized a belief system. Antinous became a god and temples were built in the name of him. The memorial days were held for him. Emperor Hadrian worshiped him.

Homosexuality was the fact of Roman Empire. There are many gay love stories in ancient era. But this one made a difference by becoming a religion.

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