The oldest area of Turkey in Central Anatolia

As we know that geography of the world has been changing since the beginning of the world. The earth is 4.5 billion years old. Everything started with super continental structure and this super continental structure began to break down. Today’s earth and contintents had been formed in millions of years. Still the formation of the earth has been going on and it will go on till the end.

The evidences for this continous change are hidden in the layers of the soil.Today’s Anatolia was one of the places where we can find the proofs of the continous change.Some fossils were unearthed in Central Anatolia in Turkey. The fossils of turtles, mahmoods and elephants were discovered. They are 7.5 million years old.

Up to the proofs, there were different animals in that period here. The earlier species of elephants and turtles were discovered.

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