Bodrum Castle

Turkey has many archeological treasures. This is the fact but a few of them are in world heritage lists. Some of them were added to this list in 2019.

One of them is Bodrum Castle which is served as Underwater Archeological Museum in present. The castle has 500 year history and it was used as headquarter during war times. It has a massive potential to attract tourists to Bodrum.

Van Castle

The other archeological item is Van Castle which was constructed by Urartu State. It is located on the peak point of capital. It is around 1000 years old. It gives us priceless information on Urartu culture.

Kibyra ancient site

Kibyra site was known as city of gladiators. Many carvings and sculptures were unearthed. All buildings were built for gladiator shows. You can see the hippodrome of the city. We can realise the glory of the city from the remains of the site.

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