A tale from Hittites age; Hunter Keşşi

This tale is one of the oldest tales of the world. It remained from Hittites age of Small Asia. It means that this tale is older than 2000 years old.

Hunter Keşşi was a talented hunter. He was living with his mother. He lost his father when he was a kid. He was waking up early and going to hunt. He was hunting every day but he had never forgotten the share of Gods.

One day he fell in love with the sister of person named Udubşarri. He married her. He started to ignore his task and he was spending his entire time with his wife. His mother complaint about his behaviours. She warned him to go back his daily task. Otherwise they would starve. He listened to his mother and he did what her mother told.

He got his spare and his dog. He went to hunt but he couldn’t be able to hunt any animal for three months. He forgot the Gods and Gods forgot him. He got so tired that he fell a sleep. Gnoms who were dwarfs in the forest surrounded him. Also the souls of dead people were in the forest. One of them was his father. He requested gnoms to steal his coat as he got cold so he would come back to home. His purpose was to keep his son safe. Gnoms who enjoyed thefts accepted this offer. Keşşi got so cold that he came back home. He was so bad that he got nightmares for a long time. He told his mother that he was scared of gnoms. If he went back to forest, gnoms would break into pieces;he stated. Keşşi asked for his mother to make comment for this nightmare.

She told his son not to scare and to go back hunt to forest.Then he continued his hunt task routine. They got back to their happy life.


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