Commagene Kingdom

This is one of the ancient kingdoms that left undeleted traces in history. This kingdom got its liberty after a hard fight from Assyrians. Also it dominated on a very cricital territory for the trade courses. Commagene Kingdom was established in the middle of Small Asia (almost). This location gained a big advantage in order to make trade income. As the kingdom had peace treatments with the other kingdoms, it could be considered as a safe place.

We can list some kings of Commagene Kingdom for the deep impact to the history. Mithradates I was one of the most well known kings of the kingdom. His goal was to unite Greek and Persian religions so he would create a magnificent synthesis. Also he planned to build Mt.Nemrut as a center of this synthesis religion.

Antiochos I, his son, had almost reached this goal. He was a king who knew the east and west cultures very well. Also he had a deep astrology and science knowledge. His reign was a golden era for Commagene Kingdom. He had a big tomb built for himself and his mother. It was on the skirt of Mt. Nemrut. He desired to reach eternity after death. This temple was so glorious that he had furnished the mountain with giant sculptures of Gods and the royal family. Even today a little part of this temple complex was unearthed. According to some myths, it can be a gate of interdimensional passages.

After the Roman Empire raised, they had defended themselves so strong that Roman Empire could acquire Commagene Kingdom in the reign of ,Antiochos I’s son, Mithradates II.

Eternity and Astrology were two passions for this kingdom. Horoscope on lion body is the evidence of this statement.

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