Phyrgian King Midas

King Midas was one of the famous characters of the history. He had this fame from his legends and his actions. He lived in Gordion city. He was so greed that he wanted to be the richest king of the world so Midas touch became true. Thanks to god Silenus ( goat and human shaped), Midas got the power to convert everything into gold. In various editions, different ends are existing but common end is that he fed up with this rich life because he had his daughter turned golden statue. So he had regret for this power.

His donkey ears are related to various epics but according to common one, he was born with an illness that caused shape deformation in head. He wore hats to hide his illness so the public extended a gossip that Midas had donkey ears.

According to the myth, he rejected the decision of mountain god Tomolos. A music contest was held. God Pan and Apollon competed. Midas supported Pan. But Tomolos chose Apollon as winner. He rejected the decision. Tomolos turned his ears donkey ears because he said that an ear that didn’t like this music couldn’t be a human ear.

A skull that is exhibited in Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum is thought be his skull.

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