Turkish Landscape’s secret; to reveal the mystery of the history

Aizonai Ancient Site

Ancient sites of small Asia have an important feature for archeaology. They light up the hidden part of human being development. Those sites have some answers for necessary part of human being development.

Those sites have different features such as the center of science anf mythology. Most of those sites have important hints for famous myths of ancient era. For example, Troy and Trojan war were considered as fantasy till a tomb raid visited and excavated the region. Whole world knew this legendary war and location from the recods of Homer. The details sounded weird so they were considered as fantasy. A tomb raider ,Schliemann, found some hints on two points. It was Troy and Trojan war existed here. All of the proves show that none of them are fantasy, they are real.

Troy ancient site

Some of the ancient sites were attraction centers for health tourism. Those sites such as Hierapolis and Aizonai were important sites. They had served elite Roman society. Briefly they had been used for a long time.

Milet ancient site

Milet ancient site was the center of science and philosophy. The philosophers of Milet were famous in ancient Greek world.

There are many other sites that have reflection in history….

Discover Turkey and travel in time………


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