Councils of Ephesus:

Mart 31, 2019

Ephesus is another destination in our time travel. Because it was the another destination on Christianity […]

First council of Constantinople:

Mart 30, 2019

Constantinople was the homeland of history also it was the center that Christianity was shaped and […]

First Council of Nicea:

Mart 30, 2019

We are traveling in time and we are going to year 325 and Nicea (today’s Iznik). […]

Hasankeyf: The tragedy of a history

Mart 29, 2019

Sometimes time is cruel against the valuable things. We have this situation in Batman of Turkey. […]

Smyrna: The city of Amazon queen

Mart 25, 2019

Smyrna was one of the well known sites of ancient era. It is told that Smyrna […]