Temples of ancient world

Some ancient sites of Anatolia have deep meanings for the belief and religious history. The ancient sites such as Göbeklitepe give us priceless hints on belief. The figures of columns describe us what they worshipped. The structural base makes us think that this is a structure that can gather many people. Also those temples are so magnificent that the primitive clans can’t be built it is guessed.


Mt.Nemrut hosts a temple of a king who looked for eternity. Even today a small part of this temple was unearthed. Commagene King had a desire to reach the eternity. Today this site is famous for sunsets and sunrises.

Turkey and its tourism potential


Turkey is a very attractive country for tourists. Both domestic and foreign tourists have everything they want in order to have a nice time at any time.

Iskilip Rock Graves

Cultural tourism is one of the most preferrable tourism branches in the world. A few countries are suitable for cultural tourism. Turkey is one of those countries due to the historical background. From the beginning of the history, Anatolia has been homeland of human history. We can find evidences for human development in archeological sites

Sands of Antalya

If you are coming from cold countries, your destinations will be Mediterrannean or Aegean coasts of Turkey. You can have a great time by tanning and swimming. Also night life at the coasts is live. On the other hand, outdoor activities are also famous here.


If you are looking for mystery, you are at the right place. Ancient sites such as Göbeklitepe offer us priceless moments to solve historical mysteries. It is guessed that there are many undiscovered items under the soil layer.

Choose one of them and visit Turkey….