Antalya is awarded for blue flags

Antalya, Turkish Riviera, was awarded for blue flagged beaches. It is the region where 202 beaches with blue flags are. It is the sign of the clean beach and water. Antalya was the province that was preferred more in 2019.

Blue Flag

Blue flag is the most important criteria for tourism. It is the sign of sustainable tourism and environment.

Belly Dance courses for all

Belly dancers are professional dancers and they are trained to perform the best dance on the stage. Also some courses for belly dance train the women for this dance. It can be amateur or professionally purpose but mostly they attend those courses for the curiosity. Sometimes the women want to lose weight with this dance. The purpose doesn’t matter to attend those courses.

A Japanese belly dancer

Some foreign ladies attend those courses and they have fun here.

1001 Turkish Nights; An entertainment that is unforgettable

Belly Dancer

1001 Turkish nights are the entertainment sorts that represent old style nights. Belly dancers, folk dances and talented shows are included in this old style entertainment. Also delicious meals of Turkish Cuisine are served.

Folk dance team

The tourist groups enjoy here after a long tour day. It aims to make publicity of old Turkish culture. Naturally some modern shows are added to this night such as singing in foreign languages.

Some historical places and luxury hotels are the venues where those are held.

Have a nice time….