Micingirt town fortress; A fortress that is like an eagle nest

Turkish Northern Eastern region was an Urartu domination field. The hill that this fortress was built was former Urartu settlement field. There used to be Urartu graves and an Urartu cistern.

It was built in 1200’s. Then Romans and Byzantines used this fortress. Archeological works proved us that it had used for a long time. Walls of the fortress and some sections of the fortress are still standing.

It i located in Kars province of Turkey. It is one of the worth sight seeing places.

Archangelos church; A forgotten heritage of Anatolian culture

Archangelos Church

As we mention , this landscape has multi-cultural structure and we can come across traces of this culture everywhere in Turkey. This cultural structure has a valuable and priceless heritage.

A church was constructed in Black Sea region. Its name was Archangelos church. It was dedicated to head angels especially to Michael. It had a classical church plan. The period it was constructed was Byzantine period. But it is certain that it had many reconstructions in history so the church had lost its originality. Through 19th century, it lost its function as church and it was used as prison according to historical sources.

It is located in Ayancık county of Sinop province. Unfortunately due to the short of archeological works, we don’t have sufficient information on here. It is certain that it had an important role on local people’s life.